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Monday, March 15, 2010

should I create a video downloader ?

so ... I've downloaded videos from youtube and then copied them to my iphone to watch on my way to the office two times. Even though the process takes approximately 15 minutes, it feels tedious to me. I believe that's the reason is that such process should be a 1 command activity. The command will be "copy this video to my iphone" ...but I can't do that, there are a number of manual steps required to accomplish this 15 minutes activity.

- download to you computer using
- convert from mp4 to the iphone compatible format
- synchronize the iphone with you computer to cop the file .

those are the 3 steps. Mmmm ...I told myself, I could create a software to automate the 3 steps :) and then went on to think about batch processing etc. and then I though, oh come on most probably somebody created an app to do this. And, there is an app, it's here It seems to have all the features I need. And it costs 29 dollars. The question I ask myself is:

- should I still build the very simple version of the application and do not pay the 29 dollars.

- or should I just pay for it ...

I kind of like the first choice, ...I meant ..I am a computer programmer, and such application is not too complex and it should be be too time consuming, and it might be even fun! to write it. And then use it ! ...but it will consume some of my time ... mmm ...isn't that the best use of my time ... !? doing what I like doing, so I can create something that is going to save me and my friends 29dollars... or actually that could save everybody that 29 ...

...mmm ..if I create this app, I will most certainly make it open source ...

there goes some blabbering with many many typos ...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I can finally backup to a non-apple afp server

With version 10.5.6 of Mac OS X Apple has finally fixed a TimeMachine issue that was preventing me from backing up to a linux NAS.

Friday, July 11, 2008

downgrading 2.0 baseband to 1.1.4

if you were andenturous as me and decided the install the iphone firmware 2.0 beta8 or 2.0 final, and were not able to use your iphone because the ended up with the 04.05.04_G baseband, then all you have to do is use KiPhone (04.05.04) to downgrade.